Module 1 (HM01) - Basics of Health and Hygiene

Click on the link above to access the notes on Basics of Health, Hygiene and Covid-19

It is very crucial for you as a learner to know and understand the basics of human health. This include but not limited to how to have and maintain good hygiene. Good personal hygiene involves keeping all parts of your external body clean and healthy for you to enjoy good physical and mental health. 

This module will expose you to the key ideas and information needed to have good health. The module has three units which are:

  • Concept of the health and disease, 
  • Hygiene promotion in emergencies and 
  • Introduction to COVID-19 and its vaccines.

Learning Resources

Read the ebook provided and watch the videos below

Video I - Concepts of Health and Diseases



Video II -  Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies



Video III - Covid-19