Topic outline


    Welcome to the Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Diplomacy.  

    On behalf of the lead of this course, I wish to welcome you to the Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Diplomacy. This course introduces a conceptual framework of conflict in daily life and the interrelation between conflict, violence, and peace. It introduces the peacebuilding multidimensions concept, peacebuilding approaches, and strategies. It describes the different interventions in conflict. Also, it equips the learners with the needed skills in peacebuilding and conflict resolution and the modern and indigenous mechanisms of conflict resolution

    This course is expected to run for 12 weeks. We shall have 11 weeks of active instruction and one week of assessment.

    In this course, you will be learning;  A conceptual framework on peace &conflict, Understanding peacebuilding,  Conflict analysis, Diplomacy, peacebuilding & conflict resolution, Peacebuilding approaches & strategies, and finally, Peacebuilding & Conflict Resolution in the African context; experiences & Challenges.

     At the end of this course, you are expected to have enhanced;

    1.    A conceptual framework for peace & conflict 

    2.    Understanding peacebuilding

    3.    Conflict analysis, Conflict analysis

    4.    Diplomacy, peacebuilding& conflict resolution

    5.  Peacebuilding approaches & strategies

    6.   Peacebuilding & Conflict resolution in the African context; experiences & challenges

  • Week 1: A Conceptual Framework for PEACE AND CONFLICT

  • Week 2: Understanding Peace Building

  • Week 3: Understanding Conflict Analysis

  • Week 4: Peace Building and Conflict Resolution (PBCR)

  • Week 5: peace building approaches and strategies

    This study unit takes you through critical peace building approaches, general and sector specific strategies as well as highlight of stakeholders in peace building initiatives. Peace building approaches and strategies are critical elements of promoting sustainable peace. Emphasis is on steps and practical strategies of peace building, Sector specific strategies such as human rights, human security and peace building, democracy and peace building, development and peace building, gender and peace building, resolution 1325 - responsive peace building, resolution 2250 on youth and peace building and finally stakeholders in peace building    

  • Week 6: Peace Building and Conflict Resolution in African Context

    This study unit introduces the conflict and peacebuilding in African context and importance of knowing all its dimensions and its impact on building sustainable peace, and Africa’s development. Also, it provides information about the African Institution and its efforts in resolving conflicts and building peace.  By the end of this module, you will understand the dynamics, factors, and approaches which are important to be taken into consideration when intervening or working in peace building in the Africa