Clinical and Legal Education
This course is designed to provide students with practical skills and “hands on” experiences concerning both the practice and business of law. It covers many of the practical “soft skills” that you need to develop in order to be an effective advocate and legal counsellor.

A major substantive component of this course is legal ethics and professionalism. Ethical concerns and requirements are an important part of the day-to-day practice of law. This course will provide the student with a firm foundation in legal ethics and professionalism in the Ugandan context.

At the conclusion of this course unit students will:
1. Become familiar with basic practical concepts concerned legal practice addressed at Law Development Centre in its Clinical Legal Education unit
2. Be introduced to key concepts of legal ethics and professionalism in the Ugandan context
3. Think critically about the purpose and policy behind the legal rules and regulations concerning professional ethics in place in Uganda
4. Develop presentation skills
5. Be exposed to personal and team management concepts
6. Gain experience working with teams
  • Teacher: Nakamatte Flavia
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